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Love is in the hair

If there is one thing everyone wants to know it is how to keep healthy beautiful hair – after all, who wants damaged, dull hair with split ends? So, we are here to help tell you a few things you may not be thinking about that will ruin those beautiful tresses. Here are few things that you may not know that are damaging your healthy locks.

Brushing Wet Hair

Your hair is at it's most vulnerable when it is wet. When hair is wet, it is most elastic and most likely to break as we savagely try to de-tangle.

So what should you do to avoid excessive breakage?

Try two things: first, a detangling product or hair oil can go a long way. Apply some in your hair post shower and before trying to brush. Second, try to use a wide tooth comb to get out most of the knots, instead of a harsh brush.
I recommend using: Gielly Green Argan Rescue before brushing.

Over washing

You wash your hair to remove build up of oil and product, however, over washing can strip your hair of the moisture it needs and make it appear dry and dull. Over washing can also cause damage to the cuticle of the hair, which opens you up for split ends and colour fading.

So what should you do?

Well, first, you must understand that no ones hair is the same. Some people can go with only washing their hair once a week, others who have fine hair really should wash once a day. So, the way that you find out what works best for you is by figuring out if the frequency with which you wash your hair is making it look dull. When you wash your hair once a day, do you notice that your hair isn’t as shiny? Try to extend the amount of time and see how your hair reacts. Also, i recommend using a better quality shampoo, like something you would find at a salon.

Keep in mind the newly formulated Gielly Green Classic Shampoo and the best seller repair mask. Also Shu Eumura has a wide range of hair care.

At Home Hair Color

Let’s face it, it is expensive to get your hair colored at a salon, and it is very tempting to grab a box and do it yourself. At a salon, we know how to provide you with the proper balance of protein and moisture that your hair needs and to choose the right hair colours and tones to enhance natural beauty. Also, we minimise over processed, causing it to be brittle, break, and generally appear unhealthy. I recommend going to the salon for most of your hair coloring needs. However, if you do decide to colour your own hair, try to stick to only dying within two shades of your natural hair color so that you do not need to over process . Stick to one shade. Too many times when colouring at home people tend to get bored with one hair colour and want to switch to another. At a salon, could be possible because we are skilled in changing shades properly. However, at home you may end up mixing too many colors on top of each other, making your hair appear muddied and dull.

Over Brushing

No one likes a tangled head of hair. However, there is a limit to what is good for your hair. Over brushing your hair can lead to split ends, and breakage because of the friction that is caused during the brushing process. It is an old wives tale that 100 stokes a day will make your hair beautiful and healthy, but that is simply not true. We recommend only brushing your hair when it is needed to take away tangles. I also recommend investing in a good brush. Cheap brushes have bristles that can cause even further breakage to the hair. Also, like I mentioned above, try to limit brushing wet hair as it is damaged more easily when wet.

Over Heating

Between hairdryers and hair tongs, there’s a lot of heat that we managed for beauty. Hairdryers and hair tongs affect the hair differently (hairdryers not only take out the outer layer of moisture, but also the hydration that is deep in the hair, whereas curling and flat irons cause chipping around the cuticle). But in the end, they both cause breakage, split ends, and can make your hair appear dull. There’s almost no way to stay away from heat altogether in most cases . So, instead, recommend using a heat protecting products before applying heat.

And if your stress continue in how to manages your hair? Please write me an email for further consultation.